REEM, the humanoid service robot created by PAL Robotics, can be used for several purposes. Thanks to its autonomous navigation system, its user-friendly touchscreen, and its voice and face recognition system, REEM can find its way in various surroundings and help or entertain people in most public environments.


Atenea, our REEM platform, will allow us to go further on our research in assistive and service robotics. We are excited to have one in our lab.

Besides helping you as a guide or amusing you as an entertainer, REEM can also transport small packages, and its dynamic information point can be used with a wide variety of multimedia applications: display an interactive map of the surrounding area, call up a variety of information (weather, nearby restaurants, airlines travel time, etc...), offer tele-assistance via video-conferencing.

REEM can be used in a wide spectrum of public spaces as for example hotels, museums, trade shows, special events, shopping malls, airports, hospitals, care centers and many others.

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