Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide robotic products and services which can become an integral part of our daily life. Our service and humanoid robots are designed for the people and to serve the people, therefore the company wants to provide reliable solutions that really improve the daily work of our clients and their quality of life.



PAL Robotics wants to become a specialist leader in the development and commercialization of humanoid and service robots.

Specialist: We already are specialists in the area of robotics. Through our extensive team of engineers, we have the know-how in-house, in all domains related to the art of Robotics: mechanics, electronics and software, and especially in the integration of all of these into the final products, that is the robots. We make sure that we are always up to date on the newest technologies and evolutions in the market.

Leader: We want to be a leader both in science and in business, by inspiring all of our stakeholders, by taking the necessary initiatives to stay on top and by motivating our people to excel in all their activities.

Development: Research & Development is our key to the future. We therefore are committed to continuous processes of learning and self-improvement. We will not only ensure that through profound studying and scanning of available know-how, we stay on top of the market, but going even further, we we will ourselves contribute to R&D in the robotics industry.

Commercialization: PAL Robotics is more than just a R&D company. We focus on meaningful products with a clear added value; we want to make products that are useful for society. Therefore we listen to our customers and analyze their needs, in order to update our products and add the necessary applications in order to comply with the needs of our markets. Ultimately, we want to create the ideal robot for everybody's use.


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